The International Symposium on Solubility Phenomena and Related Equilibrium Processes (ISSP) is an established biennial IUPAC symposium organised by the Subcommittee on Solubility and Equilibrium Data gathering international experts on solubility studies or related subjects to exchange new research and concepts. ISSP is addressing the general importance of solubility phenomena and associated physical properties in a variety of settings ranging from green chemistry to nuclear waste disposal and modern technical applications.


ISSP conferences promote the participation and exchange of ideas of a broad spectrum of stakeholders – from academics working in science and technology to researchers in chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, materials (to electronic, building, artistic, etc. applications) industries – not forgetting the modern environmental concerns (e.g. greenhouse gases solubility, remediation of mining and industrial impacts, mineral recovery from brines and seawater, energy storage, etc.), which only can be well predicted and developed if accurate and reliable data are available.

Target audience

The aim of the ISSP conference is to provide a forum for trainees, fellows, researchers in academia and industry to share and discuss their cutting-edge results on solubility studies or related subjects, and to exchange new research and concepts. This meeting will build on the momentum gained during the previous ISSP meetings with sessions focused on specific topics. A workshop on the “Modelling of fluid phase equilibria and solubility phenomena – from experiments to their evaluations” will be led by Prof. Agilio Padua, while two unique Discussion forums on ILs and solution chemistry will be organized for the first time in history of this event.


This conference will include plenary and invited lectures, oral presentations, a poster session and discussion sessions on specialized topics (see the program).

The Franzosini Award, as well as best presentations Poster and Presentation Awards, will be acknowledged during this event (see the awards).

Outside the session lecture theatres, you will also find numerous exhibitors presenting their contributions and take the opportunity to deeply improve your knowledge of modelling approaches during our Workshop. As an attendee, you will have an opportunity to meet and engage with colleagues, SSED IUPAC members and world-leading scientists on Thermodynamics and Fluid Phase Equilibria, not only through the proposed scientific sessions, but also on the networking events, which will take place throughout the conference!

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